We Are Hiring

What I am Looking For:

  • Qualified and experienced ghost producers/ engineers


  • Be able to provide new instrumental tracks to Cali Ghost Productions For Resale, and/or be available to mix and master client work. 

Why Work With Us?

  •  When you sell a beat or take a client, you get paid instantly. You will likely be able to make more $ per beat selling through us than on your own, assuming you don’t have a business and brand in place already. People spend a little more on beat leases here because of our producer credits and branding. On BeatStars you can expect to make about $20 leasing a beat. 
  •  Cali Ghost Productions is an established business with an existing client base. You will be able to reach clients you would have previously not been able to be get in touch with. You can pursue your own brand elsewhere and even upload the same instrumentals to multiple platforms. There’s no downside to affiliate marketing. We will take commission but it is from work you are providing to our clients. See below for exact figures.
  • We provide a high quality platform to upload your music, for free. A high speed website with quality design work is proven to increase sales. We drive the traffic to your work. I spent years building my brand to where it is now, where it is now well known and capable of providing for the creators involved. 
  • Cali Ghost Productions is growing, and you can grow with it. We have plans to open up a recording studio in the near future and there may be opportunities for further employment if we build a solid rapport. We are going to continue to invest in our brand and as an associate you will benefit from all the improvements in the future. As our brand grows more we will raise prices or start to pay you more regardless as you stay longer. 

You will be paid $41.40 for selling a beat lease. (You can resell these an unlimited amount of times) 

You will be paid $168 for selling an exclusive lease to a client. The beat will be marked sold and you must cease to sell the beat elsewhere as well. 

You will be paid $66 for completing a simple mix and master.

You will be paid for beats when they sell. You will be paid for mixing and mastering when the job is complete and the customer is happy. Turn around time for mixing and mastering should be about 24 hrs. You will be paid by e transfer or paypal.

You will be producing and mixing under the company alias Cali Ghost Productions. We will build an about profile for you but when we assign mixing jobs the customer will have the perception that we are all working as a team in our magic studio to create their vision. We think this makes the most sense because clients are brand loyal and don’t want to be put off by something new. By controlling the flow and identity of clients we can retain some form of anonymity on both sides and allow the business structure to survive. 



By combing efforts we’ll be able to consistently provide instrumentals in alternative styles to our artists, thus increasing returning visits and overall sales. Also, when things get busy we’ll be able to provide the same fast, quality experience that customers are used to.