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    Professional Online Mixing and Mastering Services by Cali Ghost Productions.

    The song is “Forever” by 2200SmokeJit Featuring CVL (mixed and mastered by Cali Ghost Productions.) Click “Purchase” to get professional mixing and mastering on a track you have already recorded. Instructions will immediately be sent to your email on how to export and send your song.

    Use coupon “FIRSTTIMER” to get an additional 50% off your first mix.

    Ultimate Guide to Mixing and Mastering

    What is Mixing and Mastering? Mixing Refers to:

    • Adding Compression– To soften peaks, reduce dynamic range and make your vocals sound punchier and louder.
    • Adding EQ– To bring out desirable frequencies in your voice and other instruments.
    • Removing Sibilance– To soften those harsh “S” sounds and other undesirable sounds in the recording.
    • Adding Delay– To create depth in your song and our mixing and mastering services.
    • Adding Reverb– To create natural-sounding space and distance.
    • Adding Saturation- To add grit to vocals and make them sound fuller.
    • Adding Pitch Correction– Either by manually pitch correcting vocals for unnoticeable perfection, or using an auto-tune.
    • Panning/Fading/Telephoning- Used mostly in adding effects to adlibs.
    • Balancing- To adjust the volume of all tracks so one element doesn’t dominate the others.
    • Adding Vocal Risers/Stutters/Harmonies- To make your track sound engaging, and interesting
    • + Much More

    What’s the Difference Between Mixing and Mastering? Mastering Refers to:

    • Using Multiband Compression- To bring out desirable frequencies in our mixing and mastering services.
    • Using Soft Saturation- To make your song sound “warmer.”
    • Boosting the Sides- To make your track sound “wider” and fuller.
    • Using a Tube EQ– To add “air,” frequencies that are so high they are mostly undetectable to your ear.
    • Using a limiter– To prepare your track for export to Spotify, Apple Music, etc at the correct level of gain reduction.


    Mixing and Mastering Services

    Cali Ghost Productions’ Industry Experience & Training

    Callahan Smith is the owner of Cali Ghost Productions. He has been exploring digital music production and recording since he was 10 years old. At the age of 21, he graduated at the top of his class from a full-time, year-long digital music production program at a well-known post-secondary institution. Here, he trained with world-class engineers (including Paul McCartney’s engineer from the Beatles.)

    He learned how to achieve a full, wide, balanced mix and create a master recording that stays at a competitive loudness without sacrificing dynamics. He trained at Blue Light Studios, and Hipposonic recording studios, where he engineered in a professional setting. Now he has taken the best knowledge and converted it to convenient online mixing and mastering services.

    Online Mixing and Mastering

    Mixing and Mastering Services in Vancouver, BC

    Online mixing and mastering services are the best and easiest way to significantly improve your sound without breaking the bank. Affordable mixing and mastering online is easy to find, but services at the same price point that are backed by quality and experience are rare.

    That’s why we give you your first mix and master 50% off. You decide if you think it’s worth it. I don’t think we’ve ever had a customer that has only bought once. So purchase our free online mixing and mastering services with the coupon code FIRSTTIMER.

    Mixing and Mastering Tips

    How to Get a Great Sounding Song:

    The Performance:

    Well, the first thing we say is to know your voice. The artist’s performance is undoubtedly the most important factor in how your song sounds. Practice and experiment with different tones. Find out, are you more of a singer? Do you sound better when you vocalize high or low? Are you self-conscious when recording and this is hindering your performance? Here are some great tips to improve your performance when preparing for our mixing and mastering services.

    • Generally, artists will record a lead vocal track. But not all in one take. A common practice is recording piece by piece and combining all tracks to create one “take.” Another favorite technique is recording the same verse/hook all at once, but multiple times. You can then comp the recordings together to take the best sounding words from each recording.
    • Record doubles and adlibs. These are your background vocals, so get experimental. Echoing certain words, humming melodically, making sound effects with your mouth, or doubling your lead vocal can all be useful in post-production.
    • Make sure to leave headroom for your engineer. To learn more, purchase mixing and mastering to receive our full recording guide.

    Artist Performing in Recording Studio


    The Room:

    • Create a sound-proof booth if possible. Acoustic foam can be purchased off Amazon for around $1-2 a square. What this does is remove the nasty reverb from the room, which cannot be removed digitally. Then, we add artificial reverb back in post-production. Trust us, your recording is going to sound bad without reverb, but that just means you are doing it right. Don’t be ashamed of a RAW recording. They all sound awful. Our online mixing and mastering services will make your recording sound much better.
    • If you can’t do that, you can opt for a reflection filter. To be honest, we don’t think these are very effective, but hey, it’s better than nothing. If you cannot build a small, soundproof booth with acoustic foam, then record in a very large room instead. There will be less of these reflections that are going to be picked up by your mic when preparing your song for online mixing and mastering.



    The Microphone:

    • So which mic should you use to record vocals? While there are many debates and discussions on which mics you should be using for vocals, it is generally agreed upon that you should be using a high-quality condenser microphone if you plan on purchasing online mixing and mastering services. A budget-friendly option is the RODE NT1-A. Please, donate your USB microphone to goodwill and invest in your studio setup. With a condenser mic, you will need an interface to go with it. Another budget option is one from the Scarlett Focusrite series.


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