Heart Breaker (Don Toliver Type Beat)


  • BPM: 160
  • Time: 3:24
  • Views: 306
  • Type: Hip Hop, Rap, trap

"Heart Breaker" is in the key of B Major. The instrumental contains traditional elements of the trap/ rap genre, but is softened by a female vox sample ringing out in the background. The vox is panned binaurally to give the illusion of 3D sound. You should be able to pinpoint her behind you and slightly to the left. The harmony is panned on the opposite side to even out the stereo image when listening with headphones. The 808 uses a glide technique, sliding briefly an octave higher in some parts to give it extra bounce and rhythm.

Although the techniques used are advanced, the beat appears relatively simple and is left hollow to leave lots of room for your vocals. A simple, yet catchy chord progression, gliding 808's and a reverberated female sound gives this beat a smooth vibe. The structure is varied to keep your listener engaged throughout the instrumental, and has a nice length to accommodate a 3rd verse or feature.

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