Mixing and Mastering Check Out

Mixing and Mastering Check Out Lounge

1. Send Your Files

Sending your files is easy! In your recording software there will be an option to Export your audio stems individually. Select file -> export all tracks as audio files. After selecting your file destination, export and place all the audio files in a folder.
Compress this folder to a zip file and send it to owner@calighostproductions.com. In the subject, specify which package you would like to purchase. That's it! We accept Google Drive and WeTransfer because the file won't fit in your regular email. Let us know in our live chat feature if you need guidance with this step.

*Note- be sure to include your artist name, song title, custom requirements and a reference track link if you want to have a particular sound. 

2. Pay the Invoice Sent to Your Email

Cali Ghost Productions will generate a custom invoice to your needs and deliver it to your email. We will always send the invoice to the email which delivered us your files, unless you contact us with special instruction. Using a PayPal generated invoice means you can pay it directly at your convenience. We will begin working on your track once the transaction is processed. 


Within 48hrs you will receive your studio grade mix and master back to the email you provided! Making amazing music has never been easier when you use Cali Ghost Productions to take care of all the technical parts. 

We will always guarantee your satisfaction. We will never “ghost” you.