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Choosing the right instrumental is the first step in making an amazing song. Browse our beat catalogue with some headphones or speakers, and decide on a track that you feel connected to. Our advice is to let your creativity run wild and come up with some ideas for your song before purchasing the instrumental. We mostly produce rap beats, hip hop beats, r&b beats, and pop beats for sale. All leases are unlimited, legal for commercial use, and royalty-free!

Artist Performing in Recording Studio

When you buy beats from Make a Hit, the beat is instantly delivered to your email and available for download. All purchases come with a high quality MP3 and WAV file. Track Outs are available to be purchased as well. For most people, an MP3 or WAV file will suffice. However, an engineer may request a track out when mixing and mastering your song. This means they are requesting all the individual layers and components that comprise the instrumental. If you purchase mixing and mastering with Make a Hit, there’s no need to purchase a track out, as we already have the needed files in storage. 

We hope you enjoy browsing our beat store and make us proud of your finished song. We love seeing our productions come to life. After you write your song, it’s time to record it in a professional setting. Then, have it mixed and mastered by an engineer. Pick out some cover art, and release it to streaming services! To get your song heard, consider investing in promo. 

If you haven’t released your music before, it can be an intimidating process. We aim to simplify that for you by having everything you need in one place. We recommend Distrokid as a distributor. These guys will get your music on streaming services like Apple Music and Spotify for the most affordable rates.