About Cali Ghost Productions

Saturn Studios Audio & Video Production

Who We Are ~

Saturn Studios Audio & Visual Production is a registered, full service production company operating out of Vancouver, Canada. Our team consists of One lead producer/engineer and a few assistant engineers, as well technical support and service. The company is owned by Callahan Smith.

What We Do ~

We offer licensing of instantly downloadable, originally produced instrumentals to use in your creative endeavours. We also offer online studio grade mixing and mastering services to artists all over the world. We do custom work and provide package deals for large projects. 

When you purchase a service from Saturn Studios, you are getting much more than what you hear and see. In that beat purchase, you are receiving a condensed version of 15 years of music experience. You are receiving thousands upon thousands of hours of practice and tens of thousands of dollars worth of equipment and professional education. 

Why We Do It ~

We believe in making our services accessible and affordable to you, because this way we can build a long term producer-artist relationship. It is confirmed that over 80% of customers who purchase from Saturn Studios are repeat clients. Our goal is to ensure that this whole process is 100% worth it to you, every time. 

The current industry is over-saturated with amateurs. With the rise of online marketplaces like Beatstars, anyone can upload and sell their instrumentals. As an artist, it can be hard to tell who to trust with your vision. That’s why we openly display our experience, credentials and producer credits so you can see our proven track record for yourself. We believe that the only real way to stand out in today’s crowded industry is not with big chains and dyed hair, but to truly hone your sound alongside professional quality production. (Not to say your style choices won’t help!) 

Having a strong foundation to a production company allows us to bring your vision to life.

What To Expect From Us ~

Premium Quality Product

Saturn Studios is all about quality. We are not cheap when it comes purchasing high end software and gear, and our customer's aren't either when it comes to investing in our services! There are many other options for "cheap" and free beats available online, but there are very few professionals available to most artists.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

If there are any problems with your delivery Saturn Studios will issue a full refund. If you are not satisfied with your new instrumental, Cali Ghost Productions will allot you store credit to choose another. If you are not satisfied with our mixing and mastering, we will do unlimited revisions until you are happy. (Note that abusing our policies may result in a refusal of future purchases).

Security and Reliability

Your personal data is encrypted and processed securely. Our small but efficient team promptly troubleshoots and solves any issues should they occur. Back ups of files are always on hand incase corruption of files occur.

About The Owner ~

Callahan started playing piano and guitar at a very young age. He graduated the Digital Music Production program at Langara College of Higher Learning in 2020 at the top of his class and became a certified audio engineer. During the program he worked in Blue Light Studio for to get comfortable in a professional studio setting and gain experience recording many different instruments. 

“Before I started Saturn Studios, I wasn’t just ignoring what I loved, I was ignoring what I was best at. Doubling down and putting all the chips in proved to be one of the best decisions I ever made.” 

Please enjoy what we have worked so hard to build over the years, as we do everything so that you have the best music making experience possible. 

– Callahan Smith  – Producer, Audio Engineer, and Owner of Saturn Studios Audio & Visual Production. 

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